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1980's. Alternative reality. Global warming has turned the whole world into a endless desert. Due to the aggressive climate, the blessings of civilization gradually go under the sand. Set out on a long journey on your old pickup truck to fulfill the last request of your late father. But is there a place left on this planet where it’s possible to do this?

- A large world with many roads to drive along. Who knows where the next turn will lead you.
- Assemble, repair, refuel and tune your car; your journey might end too quickly on a bone shaker.
- Explore abandoned places that can be found along the road.
- Stylized low poly graphics
- Advanced vehicle physics
- Music cassettes!
- It's road trip game, eventually!

UNDER the SAND is available on Steam Early Access.

We have Discord channel!


UNDER the SAND [demo] 60 MB


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This is really neat. I enjoy calm games where you just walk/drive and explore as long as there's an actual ending. Good luck with the full game on Steam!

i downloaded the file but i dont know how to play it

cuz you need to download something then you can play it

What Else Do You Need To Download?


Really like it! I'm really excited to see where this goes! One quick question, do the tapes actually do anything or are they just to be sold?